Step 1
Navigate to the Payment Information Tab. Enter your choice of credit card or ACH payment, and the billing details for your organization. Click the test and save button to verify the payment and billing details.
Step 2
Select and pay for items. Navigate to the Manage Licenses tab. Select your product in the Bridge Cloud Suite Products pane. Select the desired quantity, and click Add to Cart. Navigate to the Your Shopping Cart pane. Verify the quantity and click Pay for Cart Items. If successful, your licenses will appear in the Your Purchased Licenses Pane.


Step 3
Assign Licenses. Select the user from the Bridge Cloud Suite Users Pane. Select the license from the Your Purchased Licenses pane. Click the Assign Selected User to Selected License button. If successful, your license item will update with the selected user information.

Instructional Video

Manage Payment Information
Enter your preferred method of payment before adding licenses.
Company Information
PCI Compliant and Beyond
Bridge Communications takes data protection seriously. We store your data safely, using 4 additional layers of security beyond our PCI compliance requirements.
License Payment Information
Manage Licenses
Purchase and assign product licenses for users in your organization. All prices are listed in USD.
Bridge Cloud Suite Products
Your Shopping Cart
BOC Users (Must Run BOC to Appear)
Your Purchased Licenses
Total Due Monthly $
User Settings
Manage User specific settings.
Search for User
Search Results
Organization Settings
Manage Organization wide and user specific settings.
RingCentral Custom Fields
Customer needs to have this feature enabled by RingCentral prior to setup here. RingCentral supports a maximum of 5 custom fields.
More Information
Add Custom Field
Queue Scripts
Existing Queue Scripts
Queue Timers
Save Queue Timer Settings
Medical Connector Settings
Manage Connector specific settings.
Add Extension Mapping
Add Mapping
Medical Connector Extension Mapping